Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions re. purchase Terms of agreement for Oslo Skin Lab c/o NutraQ B.V

Membership with Oslo Skin Lab involves the following:
• Members receive a 30% discount on all purchases
• One package is enough for four weeks
• A new package is sent every four weeks, for as long as you want
• You can request to postpone or stop further shipments at any time
• No purchase obligation or commitment period
• No prepayment – invoice included in the package
• 14 days full right of cancellation

More detailed information about the purchase terms and conditions can be found further down the page.

Last update 2 January 2017

The terms of this agreement have been updated and will be effective for all existing and new agreements

These terms apply to the agreement for the delivery of products and services, also referred to as goods or merchandise, to end customers in The Netherlands.


The seller is:
NutraQ B.V.
Postbus 8807
Phone nr. 0800-0201 886
E-mail: klantenservice@osloskinlab.nl,
Chambre of Commerce nr.: 73991988,
and is hereinafter referred to as "NutraQ", "we" of "us".

The buyer is: the person who is stated as the buyer in the order regardless of the sales channel, and is referred to hereinafter as “you”, “your” or “the customer”. The person must be 18 years or older to become a customer of NutraQ.

When you sign up for membership with Oslo Skin Lab, you will receive regular deliveries at specified intervals, normally with the first delivery after 14 days and with subsequent deliveries according to your choice of delivery frequency, normally every month, without any purchase obligation or commitment period.
You can stop further shipments at any time with immediate effect from the next shipment.
Changes to products, delivery method and delivery frequency may occur. Notification of changes will be sent in plenty of time before the changes come into force. We will not send notification of minor changes, such as modified packaging, apart from the information on our websites. You can also choose to make changes to your shipments – see more details in the section below.

Membership may be denied on justifiable grounds, such as attempted fraud, lack of creditworthiness etc.

Extra safe purchasing
You can contact customer service at any time to schedule a break, change or cancel your membership.

We send our shipments with the Norwegian postal service (PostNord) and PostNL. Your order will arrive in your mailbox about 10 work days after we have received your order. From then on, you will receive new shipments according to the agreed delivery frequency. We issue a written invoice that acts as an order confirmation and will be enclosed with all shipments. For special offers, larger or multiple orders, you may have to pick up your order at the post office due to size and weight.

You do not have to pay in advance. We send our invoice along with your shipment, and you have a 21-day payment deadline from the date of the invoice, unless otherwise agreed. Non-payment is subject to fixed interest rates at any given time in accordance with the Norwegian Act relating to interest on overdue payments etc. and any collection costs. We have security for unpaid purchase in the delivered products until payment including interest and costs is made in full.

Our prices are quoted in Euro and include VAT. The price of the product may vary depending on the sales channel, distribution and special offers. Prices apply until they are changed. Notification of changes will be sent in plenty of time before the changes come into force. This implies that you will be notified of any price changes at least two months before the price change takes effect. It is not possible to unfairly exploit any introductory offers by frequently and repetitively ordering special offers/cancelling, as such offers are only made to new customers.

Postage and handling fees
Postage and handling fees are charged in addition on each shipment in accordance with the applicable rates, unless otherwise agreed.

Right of cancellation and return
You are protected by the European Cancellation Act, and have an unconditional right of cancellation of 14 days from the day you receive the product with your first shipment. The right of cancellation implies that you have the right to cancel the purchase for unopened products and to return the product. The right of cancellation is only valid when the product is returned to us in the same volume and condition in which it was received. If the value of the product is reduced more than is necessary in order to determine the nature, property and function of the product, you have to cover the reduction in value. For more detailed information on how to utilise your right of cancellation, please refer to the cancellation form enclosed with your first order.

Right to claim a defect
You have a full right to claim a defect, according to prevailing legislation, for all product defects. The right to claim a defect is limited to the product’s use-by-date specified on the packaging, provided that correct storage instructions have been followed and at a maximum of two months from the date the defect was noticed. Under all circumstances, the buyer is obliged to claim a defect within a reasonable period of time after the defect has been detected. In the case of a claim, fault and defect, any transport costs will be covered. If you want to exercise your right to claim a defect or have questions about claims, please contact Customer Service.

If you wish to make a complaint about your purchase, please contact Customer Service. If we are unable to arrive at a solution, you can send your complaint to the European Commission’s online complaints portalClick here to go to the complaints portal

Personal data
We process all personal data in accordance with the Personal Data Act. As a data controller, we store and use this data in order to safeguard and administer the customer relationship, including providing information about products, services and other benefits from NutraQ B.V. and close associates.
The customer consents to NutraQ making use of any means of communication including letter, telephone, email and text message to provide information about or promote our product offers. The customer consents to close associates of NutraQ making use of letter and telephone to promote their product offers. This consent is voluntary and valid until it is withdrawn. If you wish to withdraw your consent, in whole or in part, please contact Customer Service.

NutraQ is governed by a duty of confidentiality in relation to personal data. Disclosure of personal data to third parties, with the exception of those mentioned above, may not be made without your consent, unless such disclosure is required by law or is part of payment collection, insurance claims and/or accounting. Please contact Customer Service to register any reservations. You have the right to access data recorded about you, and can demand that such data is rectified, cf. sections 18, 27 and 28 of the Personal Data Act.
NutraQ makes use of personal profiles. You have the right to access the data that forms the basis for the profile and to be informed of the sources of such data, cf. section 21 of the Personal Data Act.
For more information on the processing of personal data, please contact Customer Service, who will help you. The data controller is the company's General Manager.

Customer Service
You can contact Customer Service by phone: 0800 - 0201 886on weekdays from 08.30 to 16.30. You can also send an email to klantenservice@osloskinlab.nl. Our Customer Service has extensive experience of our products and can therefore easily answer your questions. Our Customer Service can also help you customise a shipment that is right for you.
For information about our complaints and compensation schemes in connection with the right to claim a defect and/or the right to cancellation and return, please contact Customer Service.

Choice of law and venue
The agreement is governed by Dutch law. In the event of any disputes between the parties, negotiations shall be entered into in an attempt to arrive at a solution. If such negotiations are not successful, the dispute shall be referred to the ordinary courts.

Disclaimer and limitation of liability
NutraQ cannot be held liable for production disruptions, incorrect prices or delivery problems caused by conditions beyond NutraQ’s control.
Neither can NutraQ be held liable for printing errors, price errors and changes in VAT and other taxes. Any offers apply as long as supplies last (as stated in relation to the individual campaign).
We cannot be held liable for improper use of products. Follow the dosage recommended on the package.

Changes to terms and conditions
The terms and conditions are subject to change in the event of special requirements and/or governmental changes or injunctions affecting these terms and conditions. You will be notified of any changes to the terms and conditions. Notification will be provided up to two months before the changes take effect. If you want to cancel your agreement on the basis of the changes in terms and conditions, you are free to do so. If the agreement between the parties is not cancelled, this implies that you accept the updated agreement terms and conditions. New terms and conditions will be announced on our website in combination with the dispatch of the new terms and conditions.

Additional terms and conditions for e-commerce
If the product(s) are ordered online, the following additional terms and conditions apply in addition to the ordinary terms of the agreement:

Refund in relation to e-commerce
When you make a purchase, you will be immediately informed of the maximum delivery time from the date the order is registered. If we are unable to make delivery within the agreed timeframe, you will be informed immediately of the reason for the delay and you will be notified of a new delivery time. In such an event, you have the right to cancel the purchase without any costs, demand that the order is fulfilled or demand replacement products from NutraQ B.V.